By Seas Never Before Sailed” is a menu that will lead you to recognize our past and discover the future. Inspired by the poetry and songs of Luís de Camões, you can choose how you want to embark on this experience.

Rui Paula

Executive Chef

Built on the cliffs, hand in hand with the sea, the Casa de Chá da Boa Nova restaurant in Leça da Palmeira is Rui Paula’s most ambitious project. Representing a strong financial investment, this space has been consolidating itself as one of the main gastronomic spots in the north of the country.

Due to the creative concept of its cuisine and the quality of its service, BOA NOVA is already ‘shining’ in the Michelin stars, having won its first Michelin Star in 2016 and its second in 2019 under the direction of Chef Rui Paula.

"Let yourself be lulled by the breathtaking scenery and enjoy an unforgettable experience,

in an exclusive space, full of intimacy."